Club Concepts

Hosting club nights has been unprecedentedly popular in recent years. In Amsterdam alone, at least fifty new concepts pop up every year. This is pleasant for the visitors but less pleasant for the organizers. There is more competition, which forces you to improve your concept, professionalize your marketing and invest more in (online) advertising. And let us tell you all about that.

What is event advertising for club concepts?

No doubt you have already noticed, but the organic (not paid) reach on Facebook is decreasing. And not by much. As Facebook’s algorithm prioritizes posts from individuals and groups and pinches the reach of brands, you really can’t ignore advertising any more. Just throwing your event online or clicking the blue “promote post” button won’t get you there.

By using online advertising we can target very specifically on demographics, interests, location, online behaviour, friends of your followers, people who have interacted with your event before and much more! This way, we always reach the target audience relevant to your club concept.

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