The biggest challenge for festival organizers is reaching and attracting (new) visitors. The main cause of this is the constantly increasing competition.

Boest helps all kinds of festivals with online advertising. For example, we have over 120+ festivals and over 200,000 tickets from our campaigns. Through online ads on social media and Google, we know how to attract your target audience to your venue. Reaching and attracting visitors requires more skills in marketing and online promotion. And that’s where we come in!

What is event advertising for festivals?

As the name suggests, event advertising is the (online) advertising of your event or festival. Using ads on social media and Google (SEA), we provide extra exposure, interaction and sales. By using cross-media advertising, you reach your target audience wherever they are.

From Facebook to Tinder and from Spotify to Instagram. In addition, event advertising puts you in a perfect position to analyse the success of your marketing activities. So you know exactly what you will get in return for every euro invested in the form of, for example, ticket sales.

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