Sports marketing agency for events

How do you make sure you get full stands and/or registrations for your sporting event? By using sports marketing. Sports marketing is a niche within the marketing industry that focuses entirely on promoting sporting events. After all, marketing is broad and there are hundreds of ways to market an event. That’s why you want to make sure a marketer has an affinity for events; a sports marketer. As a specialized marketing agency, we focus entirely on promoting events and especially sports marketing. By advertising on social media and other online channels, you can reach your target group in a very targeted way. 

Boest helps organizers of sporting events with online promotion. For example, we have won over 500,000 wins for 75+ sporting events in 20+ different sports disciplines.

What is event advertising for sports events?

As the name suggests, event advertising is advertising your (sports) event. Using ads on social media and Google, we create extra exposure, interactions and ticket sales and/or traffic for your sporting event.

Through cross-media advertising, you reach your target audience wherever they are. From Facebook to sports sites and from Instagram Stories to Google. In addition, with event advertising, you are perfectly able to track the success of your marketing activities. So you know exactly what you get in return for every euro invested in the form of ticket sales, for example.

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