ISU European Championships 2020

For KNSB and House of Sports, we are responsible for the online advertising of the yearly speed skating championships in Thialf.

To prepare for the skating competitions, we mapped out all potential target audiences. The goal? To sell out Thialf and its 12,500 seats for the World Championships, European Championships, and the National Championships. For this case, we focused on the ISU European Championships (EK Afstanden).

Based on our experience, we chose to utilize Facebook, Instagram, Google Search, and Google Display channels – a winning combination for generating online ticket sales. It was crucial to create widespread excitement throughout the Netherlands, encouraging people to attend these spectacular skating events beyond just the traditional skating audiences.

By successfully executing our multichannel advertising strategy, we achieved a sold-out event for the ISU European Championships (just like the other championships)! We reached over 2 million people and generated a total conversion value of €125,000 from our campaigns.

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What the client says about us:

“Boest assisted us with advertising for the Long Track speed skating events in Thialf with the goal of selling as many skating tickets as possible. Working with Wouter and Etienne has always been a pleasure. They are always accessible, provide valuable insights, and ensure that we optimize our advertising spend. Thanks to Boest, we sold out Thialf during the skating season (pre-COVID)!”

Anne Fleur Hermsen

Digital Campaign Manager,
House of sports

Testimonial of our Event Success Manager's:

“We helped Fjuze find a direct approach for their plan. After the first meeting, the entire strategy was almost instantly set. We had our focus, and we were determined to do everything to reach 30,000 attendees together. We are genuinely proud that we, in such a short time, enabled 60,000 people to enjoy the show alongside our client.”


Event Succes Manager

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