Marketing for Business Events (B2B Marketing)

Whether you’re organizing an HR event, offering a training/workshop, or responsible for corporate events, promoting a business event is essential. Especially as the number of business events increases each year. Boest is the market leader in event advertising and relationship marketing. We help you attract more visitors and increase awareness for your event. Since you’re busy organizing your event, we are here to take care of the online marketing for you. Convenient, right?

What is event advertising
for B2B?

Boest actively engages in business-to-business marketing, also known as B2B marketing. Through advertisements on social media and other channels, we bring attention to your B2B event. We have done this successfully for companies like ScaleUp Company, Parlan, and Business Boost. Leveraging our expertise in event marketing, we know precisely how and where to reach the target audience.

From LinkedIn to Google and from to YouTube, we ensure that we reach the right audience for your B2B event. Want to reach managers in the healthcare sector? We’ll reach them on LinkedIn on Monday afternoon and retarget them on Facebook in the evening. Boest is a reliable online marketing partner with specific expertise in the business-to-business industry.

Have a look

Electric Fireworks Amsterdam. The 1,400 lights and music provided a phenomenal show and a special ushering in of 2023. Boest enjoyed being part of this challenge.

Since February 2022, we have been taking care of the entire online marketing with Boest. With results! In one year, a turnover growth of +500% and a Return On Ad Spend of 45.

About Boest

Boest is the largest event advertising agency in the Benelux. We help hundreds of organizations in 8 different industries with the (online) promotion of their event. With 5,000 events annually and more than 250 concepts, we know exactly how to reach (and convince) your target group online and boost your ticket sales. We are, among others, Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner and TikTok For Business Partner. Ask a customer to describe us in two words and ‘result’ and ‘short lines’ will be the answer 9/10 times. Just check out our cases. By short lines we also mean evenings and weekends. After all, our industry lives 24/7.