Marketing for cultural events

Are you organizing a cultural event and looking for a partner in online community marketing? Boest is a market leader in event marketing and helps various cultural organizations with the online promotion of their events. We have sold more than 40,000 tickets for our clients in the cultural sector through advertisements on social media.

What is event advertising
for cultural events?

With event advertising, we target a specific audience who share an interest in similar types of events. This could be based on a common belief, a special preference for food, or an alternative music taste, for example. In our online marketing campaigns, it’s essential to first understand and identify our target audience and determine the best approach to reach them. Luckily for you, we are experts in online marketing for cultural events.

Using social media and other channels, we create additional awareness, ticket sales, and/or visitors for your cultural event. By implementing cross-media advertisements, we reach the target audience on the platforms they actively use. From YouTube to TikTok and from to Instagram Reels. Additionally, with online marketing campaigns for your cultural event, you can analyze the success of your marketing activities. How much do you invest, and how much do you get in return? Also known as Return On Investment (ROI).

Have a look

Read here how we promoted the theater show Vis à Vis online and sold over 4,000+ tickets from our campaigns, at a cost of only €0.60 per ticket sold.

Since February 2022, we have been taking care of the entire online marketing with Boest. With results! In one year, a turnover growth of +500% and a Return On Ad Spend of 45.

About Boest

Boest is the largest event advertising agency in the Benelux. We help hundreds of organizations in 8 different industries with the (online) promotion of their event. With 5,000 events annually and more than 250 concepts, we know exactly how to reach (and convince) your target group online and boost your ticket sales. We are, among others, Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner and TikTok For Business Partner. Ask a customer to describe us in two words and ‘result’ and ‘short lines’ will be the answer 9/10 times. Just check out our cases. By short lines we also mean evenings and weekends. After all, our industry lives 24/7.