Marketing agency for sporting events

Marketing agency for sporting events

How do you ensure full stands and/or registrations for your sports event? By employing (online) sports marketing. Sports marketing is a niche within the marketing industry that focuses entirely on promoting sports events. We have done this successfully for events such as the ice-skating tournaments in Thialf, Honkbalweek Haarlem, and Healthy Fest. As a specialized marketing agency for events, we know precisely how to attract the right sports enthusiasts and fans to your event. We reach the target audience on the social media channels they actively use, from TikTok to Facebook. Boest assists sports event organizers with online promotion. For 75+ sports events in 20+ different disciplines, we have generated over 500,000 tickets and/or registrations.

What is event advertising
for sports events?

As the name suggests, event advertising involves the promotion of your (sports) event. Through advertisements on social media and Google, we create additional awareness, interactions, ticket sales and registrations for your sports event. We implement our campaigns cross-media so that we reach the target audience on all possible channels they are active on. From display banners on sports websites to TikTok and from Instagram stories to Google search campaigns.

Furthermore, with online marketing campaigns for your sports event, you can analyze the success of your marketing activities. This way, you’ll know exactly what return you get for every invested euro.

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Curious how we sell out the ice-skating tournaments at
Thialf with 12,500 attendees every year? Learn more about our marketing campaigns for the ISU European Speed Skating Championships!

Since February 2022, we have been taking care of the entire online marketing with Boest. With results! In one year, a turnover growth of +500% and a Return On Ad Spend of 45.

About Boest

Boest is the largest event advertising agency in the Benelux. We help hundreds of organizations in 8 different industries with the (online) promotion of their event. With 5,000 events annually and more than 250 concepts, we know exactly how to reach (and convince) your target group online and boost your ticket sales. We are, among others, Google Partner, Facebook Marketing Partner and TikTok For Business Partner. Ask a customer to describe us in two words and ‘result’ and ‘short lines’ will be the answer 9/10 times. Just check out our cases. By short lines we also mean evenings and weekends. After all, our industry lives 24/7.