The Upside Down: 300% growth in daily visitors in one year.

We are turning ticket sales upside down! As the name suggests, The Upside Down Amsterdam is a museum where everything is literally and figuratively turned upside down. With 25 rooms, visitors can immerse themselves and capture the perfect social media snapshots. Since February 2022, Boest has taken charge of the entire online marketing. The results speak for themselves – a revenue growth of +500% and a Return On Ad Spend of 45 in just one year. Curious about our approach? Read on!

The Upside Down opened its doors in Amsterdam in 2020 as the latest ‘social media museum’ with the aim of becoming a popular and well-known destination. Our focus was on generating visibility both domestically and internationally. Since February 2022, Boest has taken full control of their online marketing. Our campaign strategies include Instagram, TikTok, Google, Facebook, and TripAdvisor.

Together with The Upside Down, we took the big step of deploying international marketing. Leveraging existing data, learnings from our campaigns in the Dutch market, and insights from foreign marketing campaigns, we rolled out a strategy to attract a wider audience to The Upside Down. In collaboration with our TikTok experts from sister company Flik Flak, we also implemented a successful TikTok strategy.

Our results

+ 300%

Daily visitors growth


Return On Ad Spend

+ 500%


50+ million


1,5+ million

Website visitors


Online community

The organic and paid strategies for The Upside Down strengthen each other. Social advertising on TikTok, Instagram, and Facebook allows us to introduce The Upside Down to international tourists beforehand. Utilizing various video content and creative assets, we immerse the audience in the museum’s atmosphere. From there, we aim to guide them further down the sales funnel, converting them into ticket buyers. Our messaging is tailored based on user behavior and interaction with our ads. Someone who watches the video for 90% receives a different message than someone who only views it for two seconds.

We ensure personalized funnel experiences based on audience behavior, warming them up and encouraging faster conversions. Search engine advertising reinforces our presence, making us visible to people actively searching for things to do in Amsterdam and The Upside Down Amsterdam.

Our dedication and collaboration with The Upside Down have led to remarkable results – a +500% revenue growth, +300% daily visitors growth, and a total Return On Ad Spend of 45 over the past year.

What the client says about us:

“There is a lot of and, above all, good contact with Boest. The feedback from Boest, for example about content shoots, also helps and there is good thinking when this is necessary. There is a great sense of involvement. The team is really on top of it and we We are happy with the way things are going.”

Daniƫle Inostroza

General Manager at The Upside Down Amsterdam

Testimonial of our Event Success Manager's:

“It truly feels like a partnership. We have the freedom to think together about how to elevate the museum to the next level, not just focusing on online marketing. We schedule regular contact moments, but we are also available whenever needed.”

Marlon Visser

Event Succes Manager


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