Museumplein, 60,000 People: Electric Fireworks 2022.

We couldn’t have imagined a more beautiful sight than the massive crowd we were able to gather on the Museumplein during New Year’s Eve 2023. Over 60,000 people gathered for the first edition of Electric Fireworks Amsterdam. The 1,400 lights and music created a phenomenal show and a special way to welcome 2023. Boest was thrilled to be part of this exciting challenge.


Dankzij die solide basis aan data en insights konden we direct beginnen met een goed doordachte campagnestructuur. Daarbij hebben we op basis van onze best practices en de doelgroep ingezet op de kanalen Instagram, Facebook, TikTok en het Google Ads netwerk.

Our results

The channels we used were Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Our target audience was primarily people interested in live events and concerts within the Amsterdam region, resulting in a total reach of 584,957 individuals. Additionally, website traffic increased by 13K.







The Strategy

The event was meant for everyone, and we employed a specially crafted strategy to engage as many people as possible. Initially, our focus was on spreading the word far and wide. Then, we moved on to a cross-media campaign in the consideration phase. Our aim was to have people quickly consider the event as their number one choice. We monitored the status and results on a daily basis while keeping Fjuze informed throughout the process. We believe in keeping our clients updated with the most important updates at all times. Additionally, we took the initiative to propose ideas that would further boost the campaign.

What the client says about us:

“We are very satisfied with the fast and smooth collaboration with Boest. We delivered an amazing show, and Museumplein was filled with visitors beyond our expectations. The input we received from the team was incredibly valuable. We are still blown away by the success”



Testimonial of our Event Success Manager's:

“We helped Fjuze find a direct approach for their plan. After the first meeting, the entire strategy was almost instantly set. We had our focus, and we were determined to do everything to reach 30,000 attendees together. We are genuinely proud that we, in such a short time, enabled 60,000 people to enjoy the show alongside our client.”


Event Succes Manager

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