More visitors, door sales or brand awareness for your club or venue? Boest helps all kinds of venues, such as beach clubs, restaurants and bars with online advertising. Through online ads on social media and Google, we know how to attract your target audience to your venue. We have run over 1,000 campaigns for 25+ venues in more than 15 languages.

What is event advertising for venues?

As the name suggests, event advertising is advertising your event concept. Using advertising on Google (SEA) and social media, we ensure additional awareness, door sales and/or visitors to your venue or club.

By cross-media advertising, you reach your target audience wherever they are. From Google to Tripadvisor and from Facebook to Instagram. With event advertising, you are also able to reach your target group at the right time. Is a group of tourists walking within a one-kilometre radius of your club? Then we convince them through our ads to visit your venue.

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