Een Rondje Hazes 2021

How we sold out this online tribute to André Hazes in just one month.
Before launching the campaigns, we examined who the target audience is, how we want to reach them, and what targets we set for the project. The goal was to sell a minimum of 4,000 tickets. Challenge accepted!

Based on the intake conversation, we opted for a combination of Facebook, Instagram, and Google (Search & Display). These are proven channels for ticketing, especially for the specified target audience.

Through clever (re)targeting campaigns, we reached approximately 1,050,000 people in just 3 weeks, generated 20,960 event attendances, achieved a ROAS of 16.50, and sold 7,500 tickets at a cost of only €0.60 per ticket, significantly exceeding the objective!

Our results


Return On Ad Spend


Tickets sold through
the campaign


Per ticket sold


People reached


Cost per attendance


Attendances on the
Facebook event

What the client says about us:

“I enjoyed working with Boest. Thanks to their quick response, we had everything ready within a few days to launch a successful advertising campaign. In a short period, we achieved fantastic results. When new events come up later this year, we would love to enlist Boest’s help again!”

Mitchel Bovenlander

Owner 4PM Entertainment

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