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Since Boest was founded, we have managed the social media marketing for all kinds of events. Our marketing strategy has achieved remarkable success, contributing to the promotion of more than 5,000 events and the sale of over 50,000,000 tickets annually. In 2022, all 5 editions of Verknipt with a total of 22.500 visitors sold out over 1 month before the event.

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What is event advertising
for festivals?

Event marketing is a strategic approach to promoting and creating buzz around an event. It involves a series of promotional activities and tactics designed to attract attendees, generate interest, and ultimately drive attendance and engagement at the event. Boest employs a funnel to structure these phases into awareness, consideration and conversion.In each funnel stage, we use various types of video content and visuals to guide the prospects towards converting as ticket buyers. Social advertising is enhanced with search engine advertising, ensuring visibility among people actively seeking techno events during ADE.

Verknipt’s organic and paid strategies complement each other, maximizing social media channels. Our communication aligns with the target audience, delivering the right message at the right time. For example, someone familiar with Verknipt receives a different ad than someone in Germany interested in a techno concept during the Amsterdam Dance Event. We personalize the funnel based on behavior and interaction with our ads. We are able to do so because of a solid foundation of data and insights. Leveraging our best practices and audience knowledge, we strategically used Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and the Google Ads network.

Our dedication and collaboration with Verknipt during ADE resulted in 5 sold-out editions, 22.500 visitors, and an impressive Return On Ad Spend of 9.80 from our campaigns. A result we are truly proud of. For more insights into the results these campaigns generated, please refer to the results below.

Our results


Return on ad spend


Cost per ticket sold


Website visitors




Reached individuals



ADE 2023

This ADE Boest manages the social media campaigns for over 50 events. We are very proud to have partnered with;

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Testimonial from the client:

“We have been working closely with Boest for online marketing surrounding Verknipt and Wonderland since 2017. Together, we have tapped into the full potential of our online channels and social media opportunities, resulting in the growth of our concept. Fast communication and excellent results; looking forward to the next year!”

Mer Hajbarati

Founder & Owner of Verknipt

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